Política de Cancelamento

1. Introduction

Before the purchase, analyze your needs and verify that the technical specifications of the product and services meet them; The terms and conditions presented in this policy were based on article 49 of the Brazilian Consumer Code, Law 8.078 / 90, which establishes the right of consumer repentance.

The customer may withdraw from the purchase within 7 days of signing or receiving the product or service, whenever contracting and / or supplying the product or services occurs outside the company (where well the product or the conditions of the service), especially for purchases made by telephone or Internet.

2. Restrictions

The right of repentance in 7 days is only possible when the acquisition occurs outside the company, ie for those purchases made within the company, fairs or events where the customer had access to the product or service there is no such modality of regret.

3. Caution in Internet Acquisitions

When you purchase a product made over the internet or phone, once you receive your product in your company open it BEFORE signing the receipt that the postman requests. After checking the purchase, sign the receipt and take a receipt of delivery with DATE and TIME duly specified. So you will be documented to exercise your right of repentance in 7 days if you will repent.

If there is repentance, send to Ortofarma where the purchase was made, by letter (A.R. - with acknowledgment of receipt), the desire to cancel the purchase or service.

With this, proven is the exercise of the right of repentance within the stipulated period of 7 days of receipt of the merchandise or service agreed.

4. Total Reimbursement

In the case of repentance foreseen in this policy, any amounts paid, under any circumstances, during the reflection period, will be immediately returned monetarily restated.

5. Occult and apparent vice (Legal guarantee)

Apparent vice, or apparent defect, as the word says, is that which is immediately apparent, as scratches and wrinkles.

According to article 26 of the CDC, when the defect is apparent, the deadline for complaint is 30 days for non-durable goods and 90 days for durable goods, counted from the date of purchase. If the addiction is hidden, the deadlines are the same, but they begin to apply at the moment the defect is detected by the client.

A Ortofarma solucionará o problema em até 30 dias. Podemos providenciar, a seu critério, o conserto ou trocá-lo imediatamente.

Deadline: If it does not occur in 30 days, you can demand the exchange of the product, the full refund of the money or the rebate of the amount paid.

OBS: In case of withdrawal or exchange, Ortofarma is responsible for the return of the product.

6. I changed my mind, can I change the product?

The obligation to exchange only exists in one of the hypotheses of defect (vice) of the product. But we suggest to our customers that if they want to make an exchange they contact our commercial department so that we can evaluate the possibility of the exchange of the product or service in question.

7. Communication channels

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