Hair mineral analysis


Determination of essential elements and toxic metals in hair.
Non-invasive test that uses a small sample of hair to assess the individual's chronic exposure to these elements.
It may aid in the early diagnosis of physiological disorders associated with changes in the metabolism of mineral elements.
40 elements determined:
Calcium Boron Rubidium Mercury
Magnesium Lithium Zirconium Thallium
Sodium Silicon Aluminum Silver
Potassium Phosphor Antimony Nickel
Copper Selenium Arsenic Tin
Zinc Strontium Barium Titanium
Manganese Sulfur Beryllium Tellurium
Chromium Cobalt Bismuth Tungsten
Vanadium Iron Cadmium Uranium
Molybdenum Germanium Lead
Collection Kit

R $ 5.00 (we send you by the Post Office to your address, you collect and send the hair to the laboratory also by the Post Office)